hen Le Petitpas was conceived ages ago, it began with a dream. The deep-rooted trend of parading the most "fashionable" designer item was, itself, becoming stale. Items were not only mass produced, saturating the fashion industry, but they were poorly designed with an abysmal imagination. The continuing lack of individualism left in the scene made people feel as though something was stolen from them, lost. Most companies were moreover focused on their profit, rather than the want, the NEED for something greater.

The idea of Le Petitpas was nurtured in this dismal fissure between the cookie-cutter trendy and the off-chance hope that something was approaching over the horizon. The chic and sophisticated items born here at Le Petitpas were not something that followed the norm. Timeless. Items that exceeded the fashion world and their trends. It was the idea of finally handling something original, limited; sacred.

Welcome to Le Petitpas. Exclusively, every six months to a year, another item is released. It is always new, never more of the past. Even so, only limited quantities ever emerge to caress the sunlight of the world. Some critics argue our concept and simply do not grasp what we here at Le Petitpas are trying to accomplish. We happily allow our products to speak for themselves. And in that moment when our final customer receives the last in stock of a polished, quality, limited-edition item that breathes of beauty, we know our job is fulfilled.

That's the goal, that's the dream; That's Le Petitpas.